Worcester Cranial Osteopathy

Please read he following page before your first appointment. A consent form can then be signed on meeting. 

The First Visit for newborns and infants.

The first visit will last approximately 1 hour.  This may vary depending on the baby's health at the time, how irritable the baby is, establishing a comfortable feeding position and nappy changing.


For the first 20 minutes or so we will need to talk about your baby's current presenting symptoms and medical history.

We will need details on the:

  • Pregnancy (e.g. general health, any accidents, tests, the baby's position, length of time the baby was engaged and any complications)
  • Birth history (e.g. first and second stages, medication, presentation, head shape, bruising, the first breath, the procedure chosen to cut the cord and any complications)
  • Postpartum maternal and baby health
  • Feeding
  • Sleeping

This interview can be done on the telephone prior to the treatment if the baby is particularly unsettled.



The interview will be followed by a physical examination. The baby will have to be undressed for a short period in order to carry this out and then a vest  (side fastening is ideal and no collar) put back on for the treatment. 

If your baby is fast asleep, then we may not wish to disturb him/her, in which case, please have them wear the vest alone with blanket to keep your baby warm.



Ideally, I will treat the baby lying on a couple of  pillows and sheep skin, of my own, preferably on the mother's lap, so do prepare a comfortable chair suitable for yourself and for feeding in case this my arise.  Moses baskets, car seats and cots can sometimes be awkward but may be necessary e.g. if this is the first deep sleep in 3 days and the baby is best not disturbed.


Treatment is very gentle and should not be painful for your baby. Babies can be treated asleep, awake, crying or while you are feeding (which can aid the treatment process) or with a dummy if you are using one. Frankly, anything goes.


Following treatment, the diagnosis will be explained and any appropriate advice will also be given. If we feel osteopathic treatment is not suitable for your baby then we will discuss and recommend alternatives. This may include other complementary treatments or seeing your Doctor.


Post Treatment

  • Tiredness​  -  some babies may be particularly sleepy after treatment and sleep longer than their expected time. If it isn't going to throw the whole day out then do leave them to have a good sleep .
  • Unsettled - some babies may seem little unsettled after treatment because the body has begun to make some significant changes. This should settle within 48 hours as the body makes the necessary  accommodation. 

If this continues then please do not hesitate to ring me 07967965440 and we can discuss whether a brief check up or an earlier second appointment is necessary.


Number of treatments

The number of treatments varies according to the baby's symptom type, any complications and duration of the complaint.

Symptoms should have improved after 3 treatments or less (weekly or 2 weekly) and then more widely spaced follow up treatments may be suggested to keep your baby symptom free in the long term.

Following the initial 1-3 treatments it maybe necessary to see your baby for widely spaced, follow-up treatments.



Osteopathic notes regarding your child are strictly confidential and we will seek your permission if they need to be shared with other practitioners e.g. for referral purposes or obtaining any test results.


​Fees are payable by cash or cheque ( to Holly Moffat ) at the end of each appointment.


I would be grateful for a 24 hour notice of cancellation otherwise a full fee will be have to be charged. I appreciate this can't always be possible due to sudden, unexpected illnesses etc. with babies and infants so that will be taken into account.

 The First visit for older children

 (As above)


If you are going to be uncomfortable undressing to your underwear  then it will be helpful to wear a t- shirt ( no collar), leggings or shorts.


You are most welcome to bring your child's favourite book , CD or toys to the session if that helps although we do have our own.  Snacks can be eaten if necessary.